Hospitality job vacancy

Working at Las Mañas

Las Mañas has been a family-run business since 1972, placing a strong emphasis on authenticity, quality, and delivering a unique experience. As part of our ongoing expansion, we are currently seeking motivated individuals to join our team.

We are looking for employees with the "flexi" status who can take on various roles such as runners, bartenders, waiters, kitchen helpers, and clearing staff. Your specific responsibilities as a flexi will depend on the position assigned to you.

Permanent and flexi employees wanted

Are you seeking an enjoyable job in the hospitality industry? Do you have availability to work on weekdays and weekends (Wednesday to Sunday)? Are you enthusiastic about providing excellent service with a smile? Take a look at our current job openings and apply now!

For the service:

  • Mise-en-place of the hall, buffet & for appetisers, desserts and coffee, plus accessories at
  • Covering the tables
  • Inform in the kitchen what to sell

During the service:

  • Takes order of drinks and dishes
  • Brings the dishes to the tables
  • Receives payment the tables and checks the bill
  • Covers table after taking order
  • Does table mise-en-place for next customer or service
  • Clears the table, puts the glasses away
  • Advises on wine choices
  • Is permanently attentive to customer needs
  • Reviews presentation and quality of food before it is served
  • Gives menu and drink advice, explains the composition or preparation method of dishes; takes orders (notes special requests) and passes them on to kitchen

After the service:

  • Clears tables and does the mise-en-place for the next service.
  • Arranges and stores serving materials; ensures order and cleanliness in the room.
  • Replenishes fridges with drinks

Preparation service:

  • maintenance and cleaning (mastication) of hall equipment or furniture
  • assists with mise-en-place furniture and equipment: arranges tables and chairs; places plates, cutlery and crockery
  • helps with mise-en-place service equipment
  • helps with mise-en-place for appetisers, desserts and coffee, plus accessories
  • helps with mise-en-place drinks: retrieving and replenishing water, beer, aperitifs, wines and digestives.

During the service:

  • prepares dishes and supplies on the orders of the grade leader clears away
  • picks up dishes in the kitchen and brings them to the service table commis débarasseur
  • clears the table and brings the plates and used utensils to the rinse kitchen (washing up).

After the service:

  • clears the tables and does the mise-en-place for the next service
  • arranges and puts away operating materials; ensures order and cleanliness in the room
  • Participates in the preparation and execution of festivities, banquets and buffets.

Job description:

  • You make sure everything is ready in the bar
  • You check stock, replenish fridges with drinks and prepare supplies
  • You make delicious cocktails
  • You serve aperitifs, beer, wine, coffee and soft drinks
  • You take orders from guests and make sure they always leave the bar feeling good
  • You always leave the bar clean and refilled at the end of your shift
  • This list of tasks is not exhaustive, depending on circumstances, additional tasks may always be requested to be carried out
  • You always work hygienically & can handle stress well
  • You have some experience behind the bar

Job description:

  • You make sure all plates, glasses & cutlery are washed.
  • You work with an industrial dishwasher
  • Assist in the kitchen as extra help.
  • Perform various tasks, including:
    • Deep-frying dishes
    • Cleaning vegetables
    • Vacuum packing food
    • And more...


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