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the best meat restaurant in Antwerp

Looking for the best steakhouse Antwerp? Then consider restaurant Las Mañas. Maybe not the place you immediately think of when you want a nice cut of meat, but we guarantee you'll come back for more! Book your table and ond the special and high-quality meat products like nowhere else. 

Just think of a beautifully marbled Rib-Eye, a succulent and buttery Picanha, a beautifully robust Tomahawk,  a rich fat marbled Rubia Gallega which is powerful in flavour and so on! This is where meat lovers fall in love. 

Here you can find the tastiest

Quality meat from all over the world


The picture above shows a Tomahawk from Canada. The grain-fed beef we offer comes from the special Heritage Angus programme. It stands for reliability, integrity and animal welfare. The very highest quality standards ensure an honest, natural and unique top-quality product.

True love is rare, like a good steak


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