Spanish restaurant

Looking for a Spanish restaurant in Antwerp?

A fixture in Antwerp for 50 years

The origin of our dishes comes from our grandmother's authentic Spanish Galician cuisine. All our Spanish dishes are traditionally and freshly prepared every day. Our business revolves around two core values: on the one hand, we create artisanal, Spanish dishes and on the other, we let people enjoy carefree, delicious togetherness.

Spanish restaurant Las Mañas

Authentic Spanish cuisine

spanish restaurant

Our restaurant is located at Ankerrui 42 in Antwerp, right next to the Konijnenpijp & a 5min walk from the MAS. 

At Las Mañas you will enjoy genuine Spanish dishes, an informal and southern atmosphere, tasty Spanish wines, beers (Estrella Galicia) and so much more. Do you like to come in groups? Then take a look at this link. We provide an unforgettable evening.

Life without tapas, is like a heart without love.



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