Live music

During Noche De La pasion

Every Wednesday evening we offer our guests the chance to experience an unforgettable evening of live music.

The artists in our live band provide a "Experiencia Tropical y Romantica,” where the atmosphere is steeped in passion, rhythm and romance. Expect a performance of about 45 minutes during dinner.

While enjoying delicious dishes, you will be surrounded by enchanting live music with sounds of traditional Cuban music, Bachata, Merengue, Chachacha, Bolero, Cumbia and Salsa.

Noche De La Pasion offers more than just eating out; it is a complete sensory experience that takes you to Spain and lets you enjoy the beautiful harmonies of our live band.

live music

Live musician junior has been playing in our restaurant for almost 20 years! 

Our Live band offers The Ultimate Dining Experience

Our Las Manas live band plays live Music from 18h30 to 19h15 and from 20h30 to 21h15.

While enjoying the live music, pamper your your taste buds with delicious specialities from Spanish cuisine. 

Our chefs prepare with love and pasion, Spanish dishes according to grandmother's recipes. 

From tapas to charcoal-fired meat dishes, fresh fish and, of course, paella, there is something for everyone. 

Book your table, enjoy the performance and be taken on a culinary adventure.

live music
live band
live music

Dinner with live musician wanted? Look no further!

A household name in Antwerp for 50 years

Welcome to Las Mañas!

50 years of history

Las Mañas has been around since 1967, where Maurice, a Belgian who was married to Natividad, a woman from Zaragoza (the inhabitants of Zaragoza and its surroundings are called los Maños in Spain, the women las Mañas, Queen Fabiola was una Maña) ran the restaurant. Mother Espantoso befriended Natividad and started helping her regularly. In 1972, father Andres got the chance to take over the Las Mañas. Miguel, who was 14 at the time, remembers that period as very exciting. Now, 50 years later, the business is still owned by the Espantoso family. 

50 años de amor
50 años de sabor
50 años de Pasión

There is no other Spanish restaurant quite like Las Mañas. What is truly important to us is that the love for this place has been passed down through three generations within our family.

From the very beginning, our (grand)Mother Teresa had an impeccable palate
a trait that Miguel and Rayco inherited from her.

Cinquenta Años de Pasión, that's what this is all about! So many people come over. When someone goes out here, they are often impressed by the ambience & quality (which we constantly keep and monitor very high).

Tomas, has been enriching las manas' live band since 1997.

Every day, he shines our business, where he not only deploys the bass guitar, but also carries the audience along with his voice.

live music live music live music live music live music live music live music live music live music live music 

Live musicians make for a perfect night out with friends, family or a romantic date.

Our restaurant exudes a lively atmosphere. We surround our guests with colourful decorations and friendly service. Everyone has the opportunity to hear the live music up close wherever you sit in the establishment.

We offer an ideal setting for a night out with friends, family or a romantic date. In short, our live music in the restaurant is designed to stimulate all your senses and make for an unforgettable evening.

It is the perfect opportunity to escape the daily routine and enjoy the magic of live music, delicious food and a lively ambience.

Come along and get carried away by our artists and experience an "Experiencia Tropical y Romantica."