General terms and conditions

This policy applies to Restaurant Las Manas, located at Ankerrui 42, Antwerp, Belgium with company number 0435.75.17.14

These general terms and conditions are binding when making a reservation and are deemed to be accepted by the customer.

1. Reservations:

Reservations should be made online. Our restaurant operates a two-shift system to provide the best possible service to all our guests.

  • Shifts:
    • The first shift is from 5pm-6pm to 8pm.
    • The second shift starts at 8.30pm and runs until closing time.

Please take these shifts into account when making a reservation so that we can provide you with a smooth and relaxed experience.

2. Advance at Groups:

For groups of 11 people or more, we ask for a deposit of €25 per person. This deposit acts as a declaration of intent by the customer to actually come and protects us against no-shows or late cancellations.

Cancellation: Cancellations should be submitted in writing via e-mail to


  • In case of cancellation more than 7 days before the scheduled reservation date, the full deposit will be refunded.
  • If cancelled between 3 and 7 days before the booking date, 50% of the deposit will be refunded.
  • If cancelled less than 3 days before the reservation date, there is no right to a refund.


  • Refunds will be processed within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation.
  • The advance payment policy applies to all reservations made.
  • Changes to reservations are subject to availability and must be communicated in good time.
  • In case of no-shows, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • In cases of force majeure, such as natural disasters, pandemics, or other unforeseen circumstances, the restaurant reserves the right to adjust the policy.
3. Consumption policy:

On Fridays and Saturdays, Restaurant Las Manas applies a minimum consumption amount of €45 per person on food. This policy has been established to ensure a full Las Manas Experience.  

4. Opening hours

Opening hours Bar:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 6pm
  • Thursday: 6pm
  • Friday: 5.30pm to 1am
  • Saturday: 5 p.m.-1 a.m.
  • Sunday: 5 p.m.

Opening hours Kitchen:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday: Closed
  • Wednesday: 6pm-2.30pm
  • Thursday: 6pm-2.30pm
  • Friday: 5.30pm to 11pm
  • Saturday: 5pm to 11pm
  • Sunday: 5pm-2pm

5. Theft or damage to personal property:

Despite all the care and attention we offer, we would like to point out that we are not liable for loss, theft, or damage to customers' personal property during their stay in our restaurant, regardless of the circumstances..

We recommend keeping a careful eye on valuables and not leaving valuables unattended. 

By entering our restaurant and using our services, the customer expressly acknowledges that they are responsible for their personal property. 

6. Allergens:

Our allergen chart is available online at any time via the following link: Allergen menu Restaurant Las Manas. Please consult this menu before your order is placed to be aware of the allergens present in our dishes.

It is the customer's responsibility to communicate this information prior to ordering. The restaurant is not responsible for any consequences resulting from not providing this information.

7.Intellectual Property Policy:

Restaurant Las Manas is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property associated with the restaurant, including but not limited to, logos, menu designs, trademarks, and other creative content specifically associated with our business.

  • The intellectual property of Restaurant Las Manas is protected under current Belgian laws and international treaties.
  • No individual, entity, or third party has the right to copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, translate, publish, perform, display, or create derivative works from the intellectual property of Restaurant Las Manas without the express written consent of Restaurant Las Manas.

Enforcement measures: Restaurant Las Manas reserves the right to take legal action against anyone who infringes our intellectual property. 

Permission for Use: To obtain permission to use our intellectual property, a written request must be submitted to Restaurant Las Manas. You may contact us at

House rules restaurant

  1. Respectful Behaviour: We expect all guests and staff to treat each other with respect. Discrimination, harassment or other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

  2. Children and Supervision: Children are most welcome. We ask parents and guardians to supervise their children to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for all guests.

  3. Smoking and Vaping: Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside the restaurant.

  4. Reservations: For a smooth service, we ask you to arrive on time for your reservation. Please let us know if you are delayed. In case of no-shows, we reserve the right to take appropriate action.

  5. Mobile Phones: We kindly ask you to put your mobile phone on silent during your stay. Please keep phone calls short and discreet.

  6. Pets: Small dogs are allowed in the restaurant. 

  7. Own Consumptions: Bringing your own food or drinks is not allowed. 

General Restaurant Rights:

Restaurant Las Manas reserves the right to apply the general clauses below, which give the restaurant the right to modify conditions, refuse service, or take other measures in specific situations.

  1. Modification of Terms: The restaurant reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.

  2. Service Refuse: Restaurant Las Manas reserves the right to refuse service to persons or groups who do not comply with the applicable house rules, cause a disturbance to other guests, or otherwise misbehave, in the management's sole discretion.

  3. Reservations and Cancellations: The restaurant reserves the right to take appropriate action in case of repeated no-shows, late cancellations, or abuse of the reservation system. This may result in the refusal of future reservations.

  4. Disputes and Complaints: The restaurant reserves the right to take appropriate action in case of disputes or complaints, subject to applicable laws and regulations. Customers are encouraged to report any complaints to the staff immediately.

These general rights have been established to ensure the integrity of the service and experience of all guests. When using the services of Restaurant Las Manas, the customer agrees to the general terms and conditions in force and the restaurant's exercise of these general rights.