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At Las Mañas, we organize numerous events every month. Don't forget to make your reservations in advance! Below, we would like to introduce you to the culinary events where you can indulge with us. Take a look at our events calendar for more details.

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La Gozadera - May 19

Fancy an evening of salsa, merengue and reggaeton? Come to La Gozadera Edition "50 Años Las Mañas" on 28mei from 20h to 03h. Tickets ...

Welcome to Las Mañas!

Our history after 50 years

50 años de amor
50 años de sabor
50 años de Pasión

There is no other Spanish restaurant quite like Las Mañas. What is truly important to us is that the love for this place has been passed down through three generations within our family.

From the very beginning, our (grand)Mother Teresa had an impeccable palate
a trait that Miguel and Rayco inherited from her.

Cinquenta Años de Pasión, that's what this is all about! So many people come over. When someone goes out here, they are often impressed by the ambience & quality (which we constantly keep and monitor very high).

Las Mañas has been in operation since 1967, when Maurice, a Belgian man married to Natividad, a woman from Zaragoza (the residents of Zaragoza and its surrounding areas are called los Maños in Spain, with women being referred to as las Mañas, and Queen Fabiola was una Maña), managed the restaurant. Mother Espantoso became friends with Natividad and started assisting her on a regular basis. In 1972, father Andres had the opportunity to take over Las Mañas. Miguel, who was 14 years old at the time, remembers that period as highly exciting. Now, 50 years later, the business is still owned by the Espantoso family.